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Pre-planning funeral arrangements is both wise and recommended. There are many decisions to be made when you lose a loved one. Attempting to make these many decisions when a person is in the state of grieving can lead to unwise and irrational decisions and may cause physical stress and harm. Many people believe one must pay money to pre-plan your arrangements. This is not true. To pre-plan a funeral means to have all of your wishes and desires and necessary information recorded and on file before your death. Pre-Funding is putting money in a trust in advance to cover expenses. We have heard time and time again from family members how thankful they were their loved one pre-planned their arrangements and how they would have never known or thought of some of the things their loved one wanted.


Many families along with pre-planning their funerals opt to pay for the funeral in advance. There are a number of advantages to pre-funding your funeral. First and foremost your funeral once paid for in full is fully guaranteed never to increase in cost. Five, ten or even twenty years later your funeral is always paid for. Secondly, should the need arise for medicaid assistance, your monies are protected and will not be counted against your assets. We work closely with these burial trusts, Abbit Management of Grand Haven, Michigan Funeral Directors Association Master Escrow Plan of Lansing and Forethought Federal Savings Bank of Batesville, Indiana. Depending on each persons circumstances, service type and other considerations, funeral monies are placed into the funeral trust best suited to their needs. Monies placed in the funeral trust earn interest and that interest earned offsets future increases in funeral costs.

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We are very pleased and proud to offer you this "first of it's kind" program to assist you in making your funeral arrangements right here online completely and easily in the comfort of your own home. We welcome you to make your arrangements now. You may print your results when completed.

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